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New start

by PsychAlpaca
on March 03, 2017
Being nearly 2 years (minus a few months off) into my PhD I feel that I need somewhere to record my experience and be an outlet for my feelings around it. The road has been long and difficult, full of problems both predicted and unforseen. Nothing can really prepare you for doing a PhD as it is like nothing else. I've worked in various roles and its nothing like that. It is also nothing like undergrad either. I suppose it could be like a Masters but having never done one I wouldnt know.
I am just back from a few months off and I have a meeting later in which I hope to sort out what I am going to do for the next part of my project. A lot of my project relies on the NHS and on my supervisors sorting things out. As much as I trust these people, the lack of control and the pace of which the whole main project has been moving is terrifyingly slow. I am meant to complete in 3 years and that is not going to happen in any way shape or form. I'll be lucky if I complete the study by the end of the third year and then pay for a fourth to write up. Honestly I think we are looking at another few years. I only hope some part time teaching role will appear and I can work as well.


03-Mar-17, 22:40
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posted about 2 years ago
sounds like your feeling a bit disheartened.... every Phd student goes through that phase I think... I know I did.. my advice? get a clear plan for going ahead, but even still be prepared for odd setback. Take a break if your feeling disheartened... you can afford 5 day break.. turn off laptop and phone and you will back with the motivation and energy to keep going.

I think a lot of getting phd has to do with perseverance.


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