Are PhDs meant to be this stressful?

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Second Year Blues

by rewt
on February 21, 2019
The PhD honeymoon has died for me over the last few weeks. It is kind of sad but also inevitable as I have literally sat at my desk for the last 2 days or so with no energy or motivation to do anything. I have so much to do but just can't be bothered and surf the web.

Honestly I think I have too many commitments and not enough support. By not enough support, I have let friends drift and find myself with an ever smaller group of non-PhD student friends left to talk with, who unfortunately tell me to "man up" and just deal with it. And it is hard to organise to do anything with them as they all have good graduate jobs and every time I suggest something it ends up at somewhere way too expensive for me. When I tried explaining to them once


Too many commitments

by rewt
on February 05, 2019
Hi Guys,

I don't were else to go but here.
Stress has finally got to me, at present I have; a supervisor pushing me hard to finish a paper, another supervisor leaving, lab issues, family problems and a stupid university conference to organise. I have been trying to manage over the last few months but today I have spiraled into an anxious mess. I can't focus on anything but the amount of work I have to do and can't focus on the work itself. I know need a break but I feel I can't drop anything at the minute. I have so many people/groups pulling on me that I can't focus on any one thing. I feel control is slipping away.

What has triggered my anxiety is this university conference. ...

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