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the life of a first year phd: trials and tribulations

i knew i was going to have trouble with my project from the start. my supervisor said he wasnt interested in people asking questions unless thay have answers. he was never around for the first six months of my phd. the rest of my research group are in another building half an hour across the city and i replaced the postdoc who could of supported me.

six months into my phd, my supervisor unloaded on me at a meeting, saying i wasnt cut out for this university, im not going to pass first year. ive seriously considered dropping out. the project has immense pressure to deliver. ive thought about it a lot and questioned whether this is really what i want. i never did it for the money. ive often wondering whether im failing the phd system or it is failing me? either way i think the buck stops with the supervisor. a person should only be hired if they have the right qualifications. if the research isnt going well, it is in a supervisors interest to guide a student.

any thoughts on my post would be much appreciated :)

confront your supervisor

ive had the exact same problem. 6 months into my phd. i was told by my supervisor , that im not cut out for university x , im not going to pass first year. all of this coming from a guy who has shown no interest in my phd project. in my case a confrontation would have done no good. a postdoc in my group nearly lost her job because of confronting him

Finishing with a Masters rather than continuing to PhD

i think i am in the same situation. im nearly finished my first year and have seriously considered dropping out. if i could get an mphil that would be ideal...... it very depressing and demoralizing when you have a superivosr who has no time for his students and gets angry when things arnt going well. an example of his attitude: he say his style of supervising is to gives people enough rope to hang them selves with. i think the important thing to remember is that a phd might not go well for a number of reasons and in many cases may not be the fault of the student. it could be that you dont get the support you need as a grad student or choose the wrong project, or the research makes you feel isolated. ive gotten very down and stressed and have questioned my own abilites as a student. i think is very sad when a phd faulters because of a supervisors neglect