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If I drop out of my PhD do I auto get a masters??

I’m in my 4th year and writing up my PhD. I won’t go into detail but throughout this PhD I’ve went through a lot of hardship and misery – for example I’ve had several immediate family members pass away, among many other things. That was really hard for me to deal with during my PhD and my I completely fell away from my PhD after that. I lost all interest. I HATE it now. Anyway, I have enough data to write up something. It’s not very good, infact, I feel it’s absolutely rubbish but my supervisors are still trying to push me to write it. I’m due to submit at Christmas (this December) and still have LOADS to write: 2 analysis chapters, my discussion chapter, my literature review, my methods chapter, the into, the conclusion, the bibliography, etc – basically nearly all of it. I’ve been avoiding my supervisors emails because I can’t stand disappointing them because of my lack of motivation to ever write. Has anyone ever left writing up this late?

Next my main question here is, I live in the UK and if I dropped out, quit, right now, would I automatically get a Masters degree?? OR, if I didn’t quit and submitted something, but fail my Viva, what do I get? I’m unsure of what happens if I quit right now? Or what happens if I do submit some rubbish and fail?
Thanks :)