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another job application question

I feel so much better after reading your post. I was very worried because I don't have so many numbers of papers to say I did this and that but really my transcripts are good. Thanks Tree

I'm a PhD Candidate with Feelings of Insecurities and Inadequacies

hi soulpower
First of all don't compare yourself with others.
If you are a non-traditional learner, keep doing it, don't waste time and energy in doubting yourself.
Sometimes things presented in the simplest manner are the best.

What you should do is put your efforts in completing the dissertation, write it up and hand it in.

good luck

another job application question

for a teaching job?

another job application question

Hi everyone
Is it OK to attach academic transcripts to job applications?


How long to wait for a postdoc to be advertized

thanks Engineer.
hi Kim, yes don't tell her anything :-)

How long to wait for a postdoc to be advertized

Quote From TheEngineer
Application fee:

Interview fee: £140
Examination fee: £425
Annual subscription: £305
Registration for CEng £47.80


there's an exam too? Is it taken just once? They only just pay the annual fee after that?

I have an off-topic question, would this be the same for chemical engineers?
My friend's nephew wants to be one.

Quote From KimWipes:

*: To make life easier for the honoured board members, in Canada they call engineering a self-regulatory practice so the board members have really nothing to do unless something goes wrong and then all they need to do is to revoke engineering title from the the failed miserable engineer and issue a "lesson-learnt" notice to the public... pretty sad eh?

yes it's pushing responsibility to others and that is what "honourable" people do.
totally agree, it is not very nice at all.

How long to wait for a postdoc to be advertized

oh it's money again, yes you are right Kim it is a business. One of my colleagues suggested that I apply to be an associate of the HEA to help with boosting my cv, but that costs money too (which I don't have to spare at the moment). How much is it to be admitted as a chartered Engineer? Feels like a big step to take to relocate. Any news yet?

Anyone here doing a PhD who is not going into academia?

it's not that I'm not going into academia -- I simply can't get into academia!

I don't have enough published papers, I always don't seem to have the "direct" experience that employers want etc, feels like I'm just not good enough.

How long to wait for a postdoc to be advertized

hi KimWipes if you decide to take this job (say it works out) I think you will come over on a Tier 2 visa, which I think allows your husband to work, it also allows self-employment.
Only thing is (as you said) he might need to get some other certificate etc. (here in the UK, a certificate is needed for almost every single thing!).

hope things turn out well

another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

hi richland101
I like your username! I would like to be rich, own a lot of land - and 101 is a great number.

thanks for your advice.I have toned down my hyperkindness.

Those days, I was happy when I signed "love satchi" and none of my friends were needy then.

Now I am still happy but have stopped signing off love satchi.

I don't really know how much being an escapist applies to me, yes? no? I haven't blocked Friend A. In fact, I did send one email to Friend A, I kept it short, and now things are better, he is not sending me sentences like "I miss you" "I like the idea of you beside me". I also told him not to call my phone. That seems to have worked because when I don't see his name on my mobile (when he's ringing) I feel so much better. I just hate speaking on the phone. I also hate skyping. I only use Skype for work.

I haven't deleted him from my list of friends, I am just happier with lesser communication, one email once in a while from me is enough for me. Now his emails go into another folder which I managed to set up properly (the 2nd time!) so I feel better too, I don't see his name right away.

thanks again

Is a second Master useful for PhD Candidates?

I have a friend who just completed his 3rd masters degree, but he did not have a phd. And he was doing another masters because it was paid for by his government, and so he would have something to do, instead of being unemployed.

I also have another friend from South America who was doing her third masters degree when I met her, and she was doing this because of the MONEY from the scholarship. She was going to repair her kitchen with the money.

I honestly think - for myself- a masters degree in something like medical statistics would help me a lot, because I enjoy working with datasets and statistics, but my phd is in another area so I can never apply for jobs in the dataset/numbers field, because I don't have a piece of paper that says I can do this.

So I guess it depends on how another masters will help you, either academically, financially...or personal fulfilment etc.

another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

hi tree
Another two new emails received today!
Here is one sentence from today's email "Hoping all is well over there, I'll try ringing you Tuesday morning again"

I think I did not set the rule properly in the "from" and "to/cc" boxes, so I have redone that this morning. For now I will not block the email address yet, it seems the sender will receive notification that the email is undeliverable, it could make things worse.

Not going to take calls on Tuesday though.

another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

I haven't replied to him since the last email. If I tell him not to harrass me I think it will get worse when he emails back to say he is not harassing me, and then he will email to say how distressed he is because I have said he is harassing me. There is a possibility it will make the harrassment even worse.

In the beginning, I was happy to have a friendship over emails, talking about food etc. But after three months he started to include the words, "worry about you" "when you like someone, you can't help by worry" etc.

Anyway, I set up a rule using the Filter option in my email -- miraculously ALL the emails (from Inbox and Sent!) disappeared into a new folder. It was nice not to see Friend A's NAME in my inbox.

But it has been 2 days now -- and the Rule hasn't worked! I am still receiving new email into the inbox!?!

How to respond to a very negative reviewer?

hello, I am dealing with difficult reviews too, I got an R&R but now I am seriously thinking of still doing the revisions anyway, but withdraw and submit to another journal!!!
Can I do that?

I have undergone heavy criticism before, but on this occasion I really feel that the reviewers did not read the manuscript properly, OR they are simply not the right people to have reviewed the work. For example, getting "qualitative people" to review "quantitative" studies.

Will make a decision soon

another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

hi everyone
just wanted to give a quick update - after taking a 3 week friend-sabbatical (no emails, no picking-up phone calls), I finally wrote back Friend A and told him that I was busy, and that I would not be replying to emails as frequently as before. Guess what, he wrote me back the same night, and here is one sentence from his message:
"I will still bombard you with emails even if you don't get time to read them. "

He even mentioned in the email -- "let me know when to call when you are able to talk"

Will these people EVER get the message???!!!

Anyway, I have decided not to answer any more phone-calls and I will only email back when I feel like it.

It took me a while to adjust to being like this, and today I feel so much lighter and happier.
thanks again