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A Complete Travel Guide for students going abroad

by saurabh
on January 10, 2018
Booking a flight:
The first and most important step is to know the city and surroundings of your university well and identify the nearest international airport to your university. You will be flying there.
In case the airport near your university is regional, you will have fly there again in a domestic flight from the nearest international airport. While making this choice, always inquire thoroughly whether going by road to your university from the international airport or taking a domestic flight to the nearest regional airport, which one is cheaper.
Always try having company by flying together along with your friends. This way you can be more confident and tension-free. ...

Things to do after reaching the destination: for international students

by saurabh
on January 10, 2018
At your university:
The first thing to do is to inform your university about your arrival. Report to the international student office of your university/international student adviser given on your I-20 along with your passport and I-20, I-94, admission letter etc.
Attend the International student Orientation Program of your university. This is very important to know well and thorough regarding your curriculum and other official procedures. You will be given an introduction regarding the various amenities and facilities you are provided with, whom to consult in case of emergency etc.
Visit the seniors in your department. Know well about your department as where the classes are held, labs if present etc. This will help you reach your first class on time. ...

Step by step guide for taking education abroad

by saurabh
on January 10, 2018
1. Deciding to pursue education in foreign university
Studying abroad has advantages like better education, more opportunities, better lifestyle and much more. But, there are the factors which you should keep in mind before deciding to go to a foreign country.
You may have to take education loan from the bank, though currently easily available from firms like
After completion of education do you want to return to India or work in the country you will be studying?
The cultural difference will be there; so, are you open to explore the new culture?
2. Deciding which course and university you want to choose.
If you are going for the post graduation, you will have few options depending on the major.
Factors deciding course and university:

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