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Have you seen anyone who got a postdoc job without a first-authored paper?

I am in a similar situation due to an issue of an author on my paper that should be first name. I am applying for postdocs and have had 4 interviews, my lack of publishing has never openly been said as a reason I did not get a postdoc. I can think of quite a few people I know who got postdocs without a first author publication in science.

Job woes

I am hoping that now Christmas is over that there will be more jobs to apply for. I am going to widen my search to abroad (not UK) as well but the thought of moving abroad terrifies me but I need money... I have tried speculatively for the USA but unfortunately the only lab interested did not get the funding but I agree it might be worth trying again. I guess if I don't get anything soon I will take some related science job not research based and just accept research wasn't meant to be.

You are 100% right about the thesis corrections, my supervisor gave me a telling off for not doing them as she says it will increase my chance of getting a job when they are done because they know for sure I have a PhD awarded. I ddi start the corrections today.

Thank you!

Quote From Nead:
Hi Sciencegirl

] I don't know where you're from, but where I live the last quarter of the year sucks applying for jobs, company and academic are at the end of their yearly budget, money tight, and admin staff are being pulled in a different direction, and hiring new staff isn't top of the list.

In terms of thesis correction, remember there is a deadline in which they have to be submitted. When you do get a job it will be harder to get them done. I had my job a month, took time off for my viva and then had to do correction in the evening. It was tough after a long day in work.

Job woes

Hi everyone,

I need some advice I defended my PhD viva in December subject to minor corrections. Since I handed in in September I have been applying for jobs in research and mostly in academia but a few in industry. I have had a few interviews but no job offers yet. All my interview feedback has been very good but always there was someone slightly more skilled than you or had published more.I have had my CV checked by a prof at Harvard and she said it was good and my cover letters have been checked by a number of profs and postdocs all good there too. If I can't get a job I can't get anymore experience whilst my PhD lab is great they have no money to keep me. Most of my cohort all have jobs already.

I am feeling a bit trapped here. I am struggling to find the motivation to do my PhD corrections because it seems pointless because I can't get a job. Yes, I know the job market is tough but when everyone asks if I have a job it gets me down.My advisor thinks it's a numbers game and that my % of interviews to applications is correct.

Does anyone have any advice or tips for the job search or on how to get motivated to do the thesis corrections? Has anyone else been in a similar situation and if so what did you do?