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Masters Dissertation in 3 months?

Hi all

Thanks so much for all of your replies!!!! And although there are a few differing opinions, I have taken your advice on board and I think that knowing the way i work, i think it will be achievable, however, i think i may take the option to go part-time, just in case i need an extra few weeks, as although i really want to get it done by September, i think a few extra weeks won't hurt.

In answer to a couple of questions - no i haven't collected the data yet, but i have approached people i would like to speak to (i'm doing narrative interviews).

And i'm not sure why the lecturer felt the need to suggest i go part-time as i have got good marks on my assignments so far and haven't ever needed an extension etc. There is one theory that because i'm the only one who wants to do it over the summer, it may effect the lecturers' holiday plans as one of them will be my supervisor!!!!! but that's just gossip!!! ha

Some of your stories are amazing and it just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything!!!!!

Thanks again x

Masters Dissertation in 3 months?

Hi all,

I'm nearing the end of my lectures on my MA full time and I am due to start my 18,000 word dissertation around the middle of June with a hand in date of 14th September. I am doing the Masters full time and was told when I applied that I could do the whole thing in a year (including the dissertation over the summer). However, now my lecturer has approached me and suggested I switch to part time to give me more time to do it as people who have done the dissertation over 3 months in the past have lost marks because it was a bit of a squeeze.

My question is, is it possible to do a Masters Dissertation over 3 months? I have a very part-time job (10 hours a week, live away from home so no family commitments and no kids etc) so I can pretty much dedicate my days to it.

Your help and wisdom would be very much appreciated as I would really like to get it done within the year and would like to know your thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance :)