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Thread: PhD thesis standards

02-Jul-19, 11:16
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by sirL101
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posted about 2 weeks ago
I am a little nervous of submitting since I have gotten word that it will likely end up in examiners 'encouraging [me] to do a bit more work before it is approved'. A few have interpreted it as 'headed for a major referral'. Have there been instances in the past where someone who has gotten comments that the thesis wasn't 'analytic enough' in terms of the use of the relevant frameworks went on to pass, i.e. even with major corrections?

Thread: Crunch time

01-Jul-19, 23:15
by sirL101
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posted about 2 weeks ago
Hi! I am 20 days prior to submitting and am feeling a bit nervous. The supervisor has returned my draft with comments. In general, he said that although as a narrative the thesis goes well, the analytical parts are a bit problematic but advises that I have no time to address them. According to him, there were significant improvements nonetheless compared to the original chapters and that as it stands, it is at a point where the examiners could ask me to do bits more work before it gets approved. Does this mean that it has a decent chance of getting 'major corrections' (as opposed to a full resubmission)? Have there been outcomes that have turned out slightly better than expected given that a major issue is that the thesis wasn't analytical enough?

I just want to do my best with what's left.
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