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Postgrads have shallow pockets

by skysthelimit
on June 15, 2015
I've gotten a pittance of grant support for a research trip. What's my frustration you might ask. Well you'd be surprised, it's not the normal reply of a postgrad. I'm very pleased with the amount the uni has given me. No, what makes me want to rip out my hair is that my husband thinks that this money belongs in the family coffers to settle emergency bills and whatnot. Even when I explain to him that this is money given to ME for MY SCHOLASTIC use, they idea is foreign to him. He tells me that I'm being selfish by considering it MY money and not FAMILY money. I can't decide whether he's just daft or so desperate for money that he can't see common logic.

Chatul Madan - or the Educated Cat

by skysthelimit
on June 15, 2015
It goes without saying that I would consider academia a proud and noble pursuit. If not then I'd have chosen a different path. I put great value, and take an immense amount of pride in my accomplishments and progress. This is why it hurts so incredibly when people (my husband) belittle and under-value the work I, and those in my field, do. In the Russian-speaking Israeli vernacular there is a joke about a 'chatul madan'. Essentially the joke is about an educated cat. I used to really find this joke funny, and the first time my husband called me a 'chatul madan' during an argument I actually laughed out loud. I mean, I love cats, and I do spend my time in scholarly pursuits, so the old joke seemed rather apt. ...

The Holding Pattern

by skysthelimit
on June 11, 2015
I'm 30 already, I don't know where the time has disappeared to. I was 23 when I first came to the uni, and I wish the end were closer. I'm anxious to actually get started with my life, my career, my future! The university that I attend has not been especially good to me historically - my department has thwarted my efforts at all stages, and as I slowly inch my way closer to the finish line I'm terrified by what horrors the department might have in store next. In my past struggles with my department I've had the great blessing that at the very least the faculty to which I belong has supported me. ...

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