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Relationship, career, PHD help needed!

Quote From huxley:

However four months ago I met someone and we have been in a relationship since. I love her and she says she will always love me. I'm worried though and she tries to support me in my stress. I have been really nice to her but we have had a couple of bad fall outs.

Sorry to throw in a bit of a reality check here, but it's only a four month old relationship. I realise that in those four months you can love someone and get to know them quite well, but you don't know them inside out and can't really say "I will always love you". There's a lot more to a person than you can really find out in four months.

What I'm saying is, don't build the relationship up too much and don't view it is as the only path to happiness. Go with what you feel right for you and take her into consideration, rather than do what feels right for both of you. Sounds a bit selfish, but at this point in a relationship you can't take decisions on the basis of a "we".

Just started, and unsure

Instead of going for conferences, you could try to engage more with your department and fellow PhDers and see what you can organise yourselves. Over the last couple of years me and a few other PhD students have really built a social community in our department and, on a more concrete level have organised an international conference and a seminar series. Focusing on such issues not only will stand your apart from the crowd come job time, but also mean that you don't waste time on conference papers that cover ideas that are at an early stage of their development and that you connect better with your department (which is probably the most important point).

An update from me

Quote From Skig:

I've rescued a puppy, moved homes/cities, changed jobs (although it's still a 'normal' job not in my field) and found myself pregnant!

Bloody hell that's a find, particularly if you didn't have sex.

Congrats on everything. (up) It sounds like you're pretty relaxed. Maybe mention the occupancy of your oven as a way to chivvy the Uni along on a viva.

Harvard referencing and policy documents

I'm using US policy documents and I pretty much use your second version. In endnote I file them as "reports", which seems to work just fine.

PhD and lack of social life

You could try group exercise classes. Going regularly there's a chance of talking to people, it gets you out of the house and it makes you a lot fitter (which does improve general moods).

Your life's purpose

From the book of Slizor (13:37):
"Quit your jibber jabber, fool."

Accept these words, and your salvation is at hand.

Do's and Don'ts in an Interview

How about "Try to avoid strenuous masturbation during the interview"?

Can anyone tell I'm alone in the office with a pile of marking?

Married women and doing PhD

Quote From labpixie:

Quote From emaa:

From my experience, last year my husband was doing a master, I had to do all the house work, shopping... etc. Both of us had almost the same deadline to submit work. while he could finish his work on time I couldn't because I had to do all things particularly cooking for his friends who came everyday to help him... another story... last summer his family came to visit us for 2 months. I was totally busy with them, they didn't help me in doing anything... So I couldn't make any progress in my thesis for 2 moths...

Wow. It sounds like there's a fairly different culture over there and I can see why you might want extra support. My boyfriend would never get away with leaving me to do all of the housework, and I don't think many of the other guys I know in the UK would either. Maybe the girls I know are just meaner.

I've heard that us British men are well-trained when it comes to housework. Some of my foreign female friends have actually expressed disbelief at me cooking - that's not even cooking well, just cooking. Plus, my (American) girlfriend seems well-pleased with the amount I do around the house.

How long does it take to write a PhD dissertation?

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Most subjects take 3-4 years for a PhD. But in business? Probably about 3 minutes.

A fellowship tends to be different from a scholarship. *content / link removed by mods*

The 'We will get that job' post.

Mainly my complete lack of publications. My supervisor was actually very helpful and did say, on a later version, that it was vaguely possible I might get shortlisted. Since I don't have much of a research profile, she said, my job was to sell them an idea of my future and show I have an idea of where I'm going.

The 'We will get that job' post.

I put in my first job application a week ago. My supervisor's view of my application "I don't think you stand a chance".

Good times.

Research topic: Marketing-Psychology ?

Quote From mdurinik:

I do not know much about current research topics in this field

Then find out by reading the literature within your field. You may want to narrow the literature down by following what you find interesting and then just keep on reading.

The whole point of a PhD is that you do independent research.

Finding congresses

Join relevant research groups and study associations; they should have information on conferences that would be helpful.

Running tutorials.

What I've done (and will be doing in 50 minutes) is split the group into groups of 4-5 that they remain in the entire semester long. I then have one person each week presenting to the rest of their little group (so 4 people presenting for a 20 person seminar) and have numbered assigned readings (which they do alongside the core reading) for each person in the group (i.e. I've got a reading list numbered 1-5 and each person in a group has a number 1-5 - gives a bit more variety to the reading).

My seminars basically start with the presentations (which finish at different times, so you need a "plate-spinning" question to ask the groups that finish early), then I draw them together with a bit of board work (I love mind maps, they seem to make students less intimidated about talking) before maybe a little bit more group work and then launching into a whole group discussion. The beauty of this seminar design is if you burn through your prepped questions because you're getting a lot of silence you can slow the seminar down by throwing in group work while you think of what to cover next.

I would like less structure, but hey, it's better than sitting in silence.

How many references have you got!

You're all wrong. The answer is no more, and no less, than 15, regardless of chapter length. If you put in too few, it shows you've done no work, if you put in too many you haven't read them all. Fact.