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How long to mark 4000 words?

Forget the 'read carefully' bit - you soon get over that! My uni pays me a casual rate for each hour of marking, and expects me to mark 4000 words in an hour. So - you've got 10 hours in front of you.

Hatchet job on my work!

Hi all

Studies were going well, had written my very first solo article, my supervisor had read it and I'd corrected it, submitted it, and reviewers liked it. Had to make a few changes for the reviewers. Gave it back to my supervisor for another look - and she's done a hatchet job on it! Has made about 70 comments on a 10,000 word article! She's made far more comments than the reviewers!!

And now concerned that I won't ever get this done, if she's going to be this anal. Have 6 months to write the thesis....

...sitting here crying instead of working....:-(