fingers and toes crossed for a paper acceptance!

12-Aug-08, 09:49
Avatar for chrisrolinski
posted about 12 years ago

I sent a paper proposal off to a journal editor and although they can't say for certain for another two or three weeks, they strongly hinted that my proposal would make the final listing. So excited and nervous. It would be my first journal article and would really help me feel confident in my viva next year. If I get the go ahead then the paper is already 2/3 written to I can spend the deadline period polishing it and redrafting.

Waiting tentatively.... :-) :-0
12-Aug-08, 11:06
Avatar for alicepalace
posted about 12 years ago
I got my first paper accepted this way! It's so much more civilised to send off the proposal for consideration than have to work up an entire paper, only for it to be rejected, and then be too depressed to do the rewrites and resubmit (I am speaking from recent experience, here!).

Good luck with your proposal: I'm sure it's super!
12-Aug-08, 22:47
edited about 25 seconds later
Avatar for PinkNeuron
posted about 12 years ago
Oh, well done! Out of the blue, I came on here to see what is what and recognised you! All thumbs held :)


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