Query on Ph.D program in pharmaceutical sciences

18-Nov-08, 15:51
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posted about 12 years ago
Hello friends,

I am manoj.k, a postgraduate student in pharmacy (M.Pharm) from India.Currently I am working in a pharmaceutical CRO in india. I have expertise in handling LC/MS/MS instrument used for BA/BE studies. I have worked on small molecule quantification by LC/MS/MS and interested in pursuing Ph.D program leading to cutting edge research in the area of biomarker discovery in pharmaceutical science by using LC/MS/MS.

I request the postgrad forum members to suggest me the best universities in europe for Ph.D admission & eligibility requirements etc.
Looking for favourable reply

with thanks & regards
19-Nov-08, 09:21
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by golfpro
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posted about 12 years ago
Questions like yours (i.e. Please do everything for me types) rarely if ever get responses on here. Its up to YOU to do the hard work in terms of researching possible institutions for suchlike (part of the fun).
19-Nov-08, 18:28
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by sammy
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posted about 12 years ago
Your query is too general...you need to look at recently published work in the area you are interested in and find out the major players...once you select two or three prospective supervisors you need to find out the particular University/country requirements and obviously find out if the person is willing to supervise you and if he/she has any current projects available for you.


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