Ive submitted this morning!!!

20-Nov-08, 11:29
by zelda
Avatar for zelda
posted about 12 years ago
Hurrah! after three years and two months....just had to share it....and the fact that the final 24 hours are far more stressful than anything that goes before (why does nobody tell you that?)
20-Nov-08, 11:58
by Caz
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posted about 12 years ago
Congrats! 8-)
20-Nov-08, 12:01
Avatar for SillyBilly
posted about 12 years ago
Congratulations- I can only imagine how elated you feel!! Well done, you should go and have a celebrate after all your hard work!
20-Nov-08, 12:58
edited about 27 seconds later
Avatar for Walminskipeasucker
posted about 12 years ago
Well done, Zelda. Good luck for your viva. :-)
20-Nov-08, 14:00
edited about 12 seconds later
Avatar for liminalplace
posted about 12 years ago
conflippingratulations! I hope this time next year im all handed in as well!
20-Nov-08, 15:55
edited about 8 seconds later
Avatar for missspacey
posted about 12 years ago
Mucho congratulations Zelda! 8-)

There has been a spate of submissions on this forum recently!
20-Nov-08, 19:49
by aloha
Avatar for aloha
posted about 12 years ago
I know just what you mean! Wait till you get your viva date next.
Well done.
20-Nov-08, 23:53
edited about 10 seconds later
by Eska
Avatar for Eska
posted about 12 years ago
WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21-Nov-08, 11:37
by rubyw
Avatar for rubyw
posted about 12 years ago
Congratulations! I'm still dreaming of that day....


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