funding to pursue a PhD in Germany

06-Jun-09, 18:47
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posted about 11 years ago
Hi there,
Does anybody knows if there are scholarships for german citizens to pursue a PhD in Germany?
I would appreciate any information
07-Jun-09, 07:11
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by rick
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posted about 11 years ago
Hi Caroline,

although I am not German I think students in Germany apply for a PhD and then get a salary, or they are self funded.

There is a basic system called "Bafög", but I think this is for regular students only, I do not think it would be provided for a PhD. There is also a system called "Stipendium" (scholarship) , which a student can apply for. I am not an expert in this field but I get the impression that this is only very a basic amount of money. These "Stipendia" are provided by various organisations, profit and non-profit, and it may be an idea to look for them, perhaps by doing a google search. Good luck:-)
31-Jul-09, 19:48
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posted about 11 years ago
look on, quite good web page


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