The Upbeat Thread!

06-Feb-10, 10:45
by TheAce
Avatar for TheAce
posted about 10 years ago
Hi all, just wanted to let you know that being a post-doc is great and I thoroughly recommend it. I'd be interested to hear about positive things that have happened since starting your post doc. Save the negativity for other threads. Sure things are challenging, but that's what makes them enjoyable!! :p

For me: I've been made H&S manager for the lab after 4 months, started writing a review (writing is still a struggle!), and made some nice new friends. Living in a new city is quite interesting - when I get time away from the lab :-)

Also, what is everybody researching? I moved into a similar but different field, so in effect was starting anew. Lots of reading! But the slight shift has definitely reignited my passion for all things scientific.
07-Feb-10, 15:34
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posted about 10 years ago
Thanks for sharing, hopefully others will follow your steps.
04-May-10, 14:24
Avatar for PhD_smug
posted about 10 years ago
oops! looks like no-one is as happy as you are!


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