How many words in a 15 min presentation?

13-Feb-10, 17:28
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posted about 7 years ago
A question for some of you more experienced PhD students - anyone know how many words would generally go into a 15 minute talk? Have to present on my research proposal in a week and just planning out.. would 2,500 be about right or would that be too long?

Thanks :)
13-Feb-10, 19:26
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posted about 7 years ago
I think it depends in part on your discipline - in some it is normal for people to read a paper when presenting (I heard an eminent professor give a research seminar and she just read the paper out) while in others you would present using powerpoints etc.  I guess 2500 sounds about right but why not find something you've already written and see how that fits into 15 minutes?


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