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25-Apr-10, 22:38
by rm0199
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posted about 10 years ago
Hi Guys,

Just a quick question. I have been offered the opportunity of a PhD in Belgium subject to gaining funding from European funds. The lecturer involved has told me to look for financial support provided by European funds which he will then pursue through his colleagues in Belgium. I guess I am basically asking if anyone knows of any financial assistance available in Europe? I am a UK resident.

Best wishes

26-Apr-10, 12:04
edited about 14 seconds later
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posted about 10 years ago
I assume you've done the obvious i.e. looked on the EU website's research funding pages?
27-Apr-10, 09:13
by Ilsa
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posted about 10 years ago
Hi Rob,

Have a look at this webpage (under Opportunities for foreign PhD-students):

Hope this helps.


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