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15-Oct-10, 08:21
by satchi
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posted about 10 years ago
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has anyone received PMs like this? I used to get these through email too...Example:
I am the president's son and he was assassinated and there're lots of money sitting somewhere, if you help me, you get a cut..but first you have to pay so and so much....and the bank account might be traced to the African continent...

love satchi

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15-Oct-10, 09:00
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by sneaks
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posted about 10 years ago
Quote From satchi:


Is this a threat of some sort?

I haven't received one :-( maybe James Taki does not think that I am a trustworthy person :-(
15-Oct-10, 09:13
by Caz
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posted about 10 years ago
Haha, yes, I received this pathetic tale of woe/marvellous investment opportunity. Fear not though, Forumites - I have hunted him down. *strikes dramatic karate-esque pose*
15-Oct-10, 09:26
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by emmaki
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posted about 10 years ago
My father received a letter like that by post. It was in Greek and it mentioned relatives in South America that died and left a lot of money. My father's brother and his family is in Brazil, so he got really worried, although I told him not to believe these b****t
15-Oct-10, 09:53
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by Pete
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posted about 10 years ago
Hi All,

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15-Oct-10, 10:00
by sneaks
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posted about 10 years ago
while you're here pete, can we have some more smileys please :-) a tomato one would be the best :-)


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