I submitted

01-Nov-10, 10:14
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by kikuka
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posted about 10 years ago
Well after 7 years and working full time I finally submitted last friday! I feel like I left my baby on the bus. It is a very odd feeling - I was expecting immense relief but it hasnt happened yet - maybe after the viva?
01-Nov-10, 10:20
by sneaks
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posted about 10 years ago
wow congrats! I'll show my hubby this post as he's demoralised, working full time and in his 5th year of PhD, with NO supervisory support :-(
01-Nov-10, 14:42
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posted about 10 years ago
I submitted on Friday too! Well done! I am hoping for relief to follow the Viva, but for the moment feel quite delighted that I dont have to think about it anymore. I was getting really bored with it and falling behind on my other work. To be able to actually do my job and work is a novelty for me! and goodbye to the 12 hour workathons and the no weekend weekends! How/when are you going to prepare for your Viva?


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