How to forget your personal problems

08-Nov-10, 22:52
by emaa 1 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
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Hello every one

I always have the same problem, I cannot forget my personal problems while I am studying. What should I do to focus on my study and forget all other problems? I feel that I waste my energy in this way, but I cannot stop thinking.
09-Nov-10, 10:23
by satchi 4 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
hi Emaa
its true that your mind will continue to run and run even when you know you have to do your work
one way is to sit and work with people; that way when people are working, you feel obligated to work as well; and are more motivated to contribute (thus cutting away the mental distractions)

another way is through meditation or using simple visualization techniques (e.g. psychotherapy)

for the wandering mind, I always recommend using the Snake in the tree method.
It is very effective. Or use measuring tape method.

You need to do the exercises everyday for at least 2 weeks and you will feel the results after that.
Here is the website, have a look round. Any questions pm me.
love satchi
09-Nov-10, 12:07
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posted about 7 years ago
Hi Emaa, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time at the moment. I think that you should allow yourself to have a little time off to yourself so that you can allow yourself to think, do something with friends/family, or whatever you want to do. You need to give yourself time to think about other things without trying to forget them, as if you make a conscious effort to forget them then they will only be on your mind more. I think you need to be accustomed to them more than forget them, if that makes sense.

I hope you stat to feel better soon, Nxx
09-Nov-10, 12:38
by emaa 1 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
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So many thanks, Satchi, I pm you :-)

Natassia, thank you. You are right, I need to be accustomed to these problems, not to forget them. I do not think that thinking about my personal problems will do anything except wasting my time and energy. My problems relating to my family in law, and the solution is not in my hands. Each time I think I feel that I am in a wrong place and I have to leave. But, I cannot because I love my husband. The worst decision I took, is to marry before finishing PhD
09-Nov-10, 16:00
by huhu 1 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
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I usually write down my personal problem in my diary if there's no one to talk to about it or if it still troubles my mind even though I have talked about it with someone... I write every detail of it- what has happened, how I feel about it, why am I so scared/ sad/ angry about it, what are my mistakes, what are the things that I regret, what's the worst thing that can happened... etc... etc... etc... & I usually end it with a more positive conclusions such as what I hope the solution will be or I hope that there's still a solution to the problem even though it feels like there's no hope anymore at that time... It helps me to see a clearer picture of the problems and think about them a little less as I have left them in the diary...
I used to do this many times before starting to study previously... After tired of writing everything in the diary and there's nothing else to write, I return to my study...

Hope this helps somehow...

09-Nov-10, 21:40
by emaa 1 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
Very nice Huhu, I'll try this way also, particularly, I am here alone with my husband. I do not have friends to tell them my problems. Thank you


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