Job interview: part time, asking about hours/days?

16-Nov-10, 14:24
by Lara 2 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
Hey guys, I need some advice please.

I have a job interview next week, it's a part time RA position. In the ad, it didn't specify, hours or days, just 0.5fte. I am really interested in the project, and don't mind at all that it's only part time or that it's a RA, as it will be a great learning experience for me, as its in a slightly different subject area to my PhD, so I don't have experience in the techniques or the subject, but it's a subject I want to break into.

Would it be appropriate at the end of the interview, when they say "do you have any questions for us" (it's a panel interview" , for me to ask about which days I would be working? (i wont mention, that I personally want to work 3 full days, so that i am able to continue my volunteering work alongside the part time job).

I thought, i would ask a few questions about the project, department, and then ask about the part time nature of the job, ie which days and hours. Or shall I wait to ask that qs, IF they offer me the job?

Thanks for your advice!
17-Nov-10, 02:28
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posted about 7 years ago
I would ask questions in the interview. It shows that you are really interested, have some specific questions, and it will get the answers you need sooner rather than later.

Good luck. I worked half-time as an RA in 2003-2004 overlapping the end of my Masters and start of PhD. And it worked out very well. I worked as an RA Monday all day, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday all day. The other days (i.e. Tuesday and Thursday) I needed to recuperate cos of the neurological disease. But my boss was happy to let me pick my preferred days.
17-Nov-10, 03:12
by Lara 2 star member
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posted about 7 years ago
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Thanks so much for the advice BB! really appreciate it! :) I will do just that.

That's so great you had a good experience working part time. :)

I really admire how you have worked so hard! you are an inspiration :-)

thanks again for your input. here's a star!
edit, oh darn i cant vote more than once. shame

have a turkey instead hehe (turkey)


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