Viva date!

01-Feb-11, 14:35
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Avatar for Walminskipeasucker
posted about 9 years ago
I've just received my viva date: 21st February! I'm nervous as hell, and it quite strange. My God, I'd better stop reading books on vivas and actually start preparing. Time to play the Rocky training montage on Youtube and get to it!(up)
01-Feb-11, 14:52
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by dunni73
Avatar for dunni73
posted about 9 years ago
Wow, that is not long to go, just 20 days! Best get preparing for it lol. Let us know what your technique is and how it goes. I am hoping to submit soon so will be following your footsteps on the viva prep journey. Good luck (up)
01-Feb-11, 16:26
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by sneaks
Avatar for sneaks
posted about 9 years ago
ooh good luck Wal, I;m at the stage where I just want to get the blimmin thing out of the way now, so I'm very envious.

I'm sure you'll be fine - I hear those coloured page markers are a god send for the viva prep.
01-Feb-11, 16:35
Avatar for Natassia
posted about 9 years ago
Wow - doesn't seem very far away at all, it must be kind of a relief to have a set date though?!

Good luck with the preparation!
01-Feb-11, 17:27
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by kikuka
Avatar for kikuka
posted about 9 years ago
Good luck W, not far to go now!
01-Feb-11, 17:29
Avatar for BilboBaggins
posted about 9 years ago
You'll be ok :) I found out my viva date 21 days before, so about the time scale. Just focus on the tips we've given you, and you'll be prepared in plenty of time.
01-Feb-11, 18:58
by Delta
Avatar for Delta
posted about 9 years ago
It's great you have a date. Wishing you all the very best for the prep and the day itself!
01-Feb-11, 19:08
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Avatar for pink_numbers
posted about 9 years ago
Wow I'm so glad to hear that you got a viva date so quickly! I'm sure you'll be great, you'll sail through the whole thing and be Dr Walminski in no time :D
01-Feb-11, 23:01
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by teek
Avatar for teek
posted about 9 years ago
Good luck Wally!
02-Feb-11, 07:02
by rick
Avatar for rick
posted about 9 years ago
Plenty of time Wally, or exactly the right amount to be well prepared.

Keep the forum informed regarding progress:-)
02-Feb-11, 08:51
Avatar for Batfink27
posted about 9 years ago
Good luck Wally!
02-Feb-11, 12:09
by chuff
Avatar for chuff
posted about 9 years ago
Hi W.

I have mine two weeks after you .. and i'm not nervous at all.. which is making me nervous. I have no idea whats going on.

I've bought the books and plan to read them soon. The advice on here has been so good that i'm going to use the forum more than the books.. thanks all.

I'm still writing journal papers.

I'm going to give it two weeks before making a conserted effort. I think i need Rocky too.

What's your plan. You going to post your progress? I'll join in if thats ok? Chuff
02-Feb-11, 14:31
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by Cakeman
Avatar for Cakeman
posted about 9 years ago
Hi Wal,

I think it could well be a good thing that the viva is so soon after submission, less chance to forget everything, just read a few key publications, think about the obvious weaknesses of your thesis, but don't do too much. I managed just fine on doing a bit of extra reading at weekends plus a read through of the thesis the night before on the train, in many ways having started work bfore viva day helped me quite a bit as I was not able to think about it too much


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