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07-Feb-11, 18:23
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posted about 9 years ago
Hi everyone,

I just want some general advice regarding leaving my current PhD (started in October) and applying for funding elsewhere.

I want to switch to completely different fields. I basically took the PhD that was offered to me (straight from my masters degree) and I'm not happy. I think a PhD should be an enjoyable process as well as a means to an end.

Do you think it will hinder my applications for alternative PhDs? Should I put it on my CV?

Many thanks in advance for your replies. This forum is pretty useful!
08-Feb-11, 09:58
by Tusco
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posted about 9 years ago
It's difficult to answer this. It should not hinder your applications if you can motivate convincingly why you decided to abandon your PhD program to apply for another. I know somebody that did cut short a PhD that didn't like getting an MPhil and then applied, got in and completed a PhD in a related field. You might want to consider this route, even though it would take longer.
Good luck!

08-Feb-11, 10:22
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posted about 9 years ago
It could affect your funding though, depending on how your first PhD was funded. If it was research council funded and you apply to a second research council PhD they may restrict how much funding they will give you the second time.

I left a full-time EPSRC-funded PhD in 1996. When I applied for part-time AHRC PhD funding in 2003 I had to declare my prior funding. But, luckily, they didn't restrict me at all. I'm ever so grateful.
08-Feb-11, 10:23
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posted about 9 years ago
Basically if you want to switch to a different PhD and research councils are involved (even if you switch fields) you would be better leaving your current one ASAP. It's hardly fair to continue it any longer than necessary if you have no intention of completing.


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