Social Care in Heathrow??!!

31-Mar-11, 10:10
by olivia
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posted about 9 years ago
*blink blink* I saw a job advertised up at the top of the webpage of this forum for a social worker to work in first thought was that it must be to comfort and assist the travellers coming and going through the labyrinthine system of Heathrow....

very unreal job advert, but on a further look, it was a different role all together...

I need more coffee, methinks! :$
01-Apr-11, 19:24
by DanB
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posted about 9 years ago
I'm intrigued as to what it actually was...

But that would be a quite funny job!
01-Apr-11, 19:50
edited about 28 seconds later
by ady
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posted about 9 years ago
My pre-PhD life was in an airport -between immigration issues, unaccompanied minors being forgotten, people travellling under difficult circumstances, death-emergencies, passengers who leave their false arm behind in their hotel (yes!!), tired and emotional passengers (read drunk) it's not just the passengers who might need a social worker; the staff could often do with one at times.


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