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31-Jul-11, 20:43
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by Kirbs77
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posted about 9 years ago
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Just a quick question open to all. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a short presentation ready for a PhD interview even if the invitation does not mention giving anything about giving one?

31-Jul-11, 20:58
by ady
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posted about 9 years ago
it probably would have been mentioned if you're expected to give a presentation. Having said that, it'd do no harm but maybe wait 'til asked. Even if you don't end up giving it, it's a valid way to prepare.

Good luck with your interview(up)
01-Aug-11, 13:09
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by Tricky
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posted about 9 years ago
In the PhD interviews I went to there was never any need for a presentation, but it might depend on your area. I'm in biological sciences and I have never known anyone to be asked for a presentation in that field. I would assume that they would ask you to prepare a presentation if they wanted you to do one? If you have any doubts perhaps emailing the admin office folk to see what requirements they have for you for attending the interview. Good luck with it!


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