Changing full time to part time

02-Aug-11, 20:44
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posted about 9 years ago
I have just started a PhD in Ecology and am currently full time. I have 2 small children and am worried that I have taken on too much. I think it would probably be more sensible to do it on a part time basis. Has anybody got experience of changing to part time and if so did your supervisor approve? What happened with funding? I am currently funded by the university so think that may help. Any advice very welcome.
02-Aug-11, 22:36
by Kamtil
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posted about 9 years ago
Hi Kittyroo,
Can't offer any advice, just considering the same, been studying full time since last October, with two young children (and a very busy husband), and feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment. Would you be able to get more help with the children/household, au pair etc.? I'm not sure if switching to part time would make that much of a difference to me as I'd have less money for childcare, hence less childcare, and maybe less support from university (?). Is there anyone around who has switched and can say something about this? Or somebody who carried on full time, with children, and managed ok?
All the best,
03-Aug-11, 08:50
by dunni73
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posted about 9 years ago
When I started my PhD I had no children and was working full-time. My supervisors were very supportive of my growing family combined with part-time study. I didn't switch but did continue to do my PhD part-time and with three babies (under 2/12) from the 3 year point of my 6 year PhD. I was self-funded and therefore had limited childcare of one afternoon a week as it cost loads for three babies. I used that 5 hour afternoon coupled with working evenings once the babies were in bed at 7pm. I expect I was working 15-20 hours a week which had to be regimented to achieve this. If I had the option to do my PhD on a full-time basis with funding to cover say three days a week childcare I would have jumped at the chance. As long as you have a few days of childcare to give you the quiet time/lab time/field work time etc it should be feasible if you top this up with some extra hours in the evening or weekend. With children I think you need to be productive as soon as you get the time to work. If you have just started (with or without children) it is overwhelming and seems to be a mountain of work to do. Things do settle down once you know which direction you are taking the project.

If you at all worried, speak with your supervisor about your options.


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