such an idiot!!

13-Aug-11, 13:49
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posted about 9 years ago
I've just signed a tenancy agreement for my new place for my PhD starting in September. I paid £450 for a deposit to the landlords when I secured the place (an established company), which I assumed was a damage deposit of one months' rent plus agency fees. But I've just been into their office to sign the tenancy agreement and I was horrified to see that the "deposit" was JUST the agency fees, and I've still got to pay an extra one month's rent as a real deposit (in the event of damages) still to pay! Which means that I still have £750 to pay on the first day of my tenancy -- my first month's rent AND the damage deposit.

I'm so angry at myself, I'm such a muppet. I can't believe I was so easily duped into paying more than a whole month's rent just in fees, assuming that it was a damage deposit. I've never heard of fees being so high, maybe up to £200 but certainly not £450! I'm angry that they used the word "deposit" to mean their own agency fees but I'm angry at myself for not clarifying all the costs before moving. Yeah, they were really sneaky, but it's my fault for being so naive and desperate for the place (I thought it was a great apartment).

I have no idea how I'm going to afford to pay £750, not to mention all the bills and hiring a van to move all of my stuff. I can't borrow from my parents because they aren't around any more. Basically that's nearly 2/3 of my whole studentship for the month gone in a single day and I've no idea how I'm going to live for the rest of the month. I just looked at the tenancy agreement and if I pull out now I'd still have to pay a month's rent and wouldn't get my fees back under any circumstances. I'm not usually so trusting, I can't believe I'm in this situation.

I'm so naive and stupid, it's so embarrassing! I'm really angry at myself -- sorry! I just needed a place to rant. Grr!
13-Aug-11, 14:56
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posted about 9 years ago
Can you possibly seek financial help from your university? At mine we have a service that allows short-term interest-free loans for living expenses and such.

We all make mistakes - don't be too hard on yourself. Lesson learned :)
13-Aug-11, 18:27
by Tricky
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posted about 9 years ago
That is shocking - if they have termed it deposit then it should be just that, otherwise surely that is deception. Agency fees should be clearly outlined - If I was you I would contact the citizens advice bureau as from what you have said they have deceived you.
13-Aug-11, 19:44
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posted about 9 years ago
I hate letting agencies and their fees for soing sod all! Moving this week and had to deal with a lot of them recently. Think we paid £300 in fees for the place we're moving to. Which included a holding deposit (non refundable fo course!)

When I was looking I saw companies advertising on gumtree that pay your deposit, and you pay them 10%. I have no idea if these companies are reputable, but it was something I considered looking in to. At least with a deposit if you can scape it together, you should get it back at the end of the rental period. You may be able to speak to your bank as you wil be getting the studentship money in soon after you need to pay the landlord.

Oh and don't feel angry at yourself. Bet they were misleading about what the money was for!


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