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25-Sep-11, 11:37
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by Ender
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posted about 9 years ago
I was watching the politics show today, roughly they mentioned that because student fees are high, to make this cheaper for future students, they propose a graduate tax- so that means that the people who currently get the high fees will also get the graduate tax to subsidise new students who will probably get it easier on both fronts. So we will be punished twice for working hard (and they justify this because they think we will earn more money as graduates- very unlikely).

I might move to Australia/America/New Zealand, anywhere, the UK just doesn't know what it is doing (note nobody calls it Great Britain anymore, clearly because it isn't), such poor leadership, such poor decisions and ideas, politicians are like little children straight from some private school pretending to be grown up intellectuals. I really don't know how the quality of politicians has declined so rapidly, why are we scraping the bottom of the barrel? There must be some intelligent people in politics right? right? maybe not. Maybe the wrong kind of people are attracted to politics these days? i don't know. If you are doing a PhD in politics, fast-track yourselves! i think we need some new blood.
29-Sep-11, 13:06
by Cakeman
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posted about 9 years ago
Is'nt a graduate tax more or less what we have now?

in that you pay the dosh back afterwards, if earning over a threshold (£21k I think?), or are you saying we should be paying on top of what a graduate pays back for their fees, that would be harsh, especially now of all times.

Whilst I take your point the UK may not know what it is doing, but does anywhere else at the moment?, personally I prefer UK to Great Britain as the latter sounds a bit imperialist

As for politicians, I think they've been like that for a while now, Tony Blair anyone? just like David Cameron only in better economic times is my view of the man.

My thoughts on politicians is that there are too many in it for a career, I think maybe a re-think on the basis of 2-terms only for any constituency MP would be good.

Would discuss further but must go now,

Maybe catch you later


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