Using Skype for research interviews

01-Oct-11, 11:56
by Kamtil
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posted about 9 years ago
Hi everyone!
I am considering using Skype to carry out interviews with people based abroad (it's a social science topic, using mainly semi-structured interviews). It would allow me to interview a broader range and number of people than through travelling which I can't afford (and I have childcare commitments, too). Has anyone used Skype in their research and can give me advice on whether it works as well as seeing people face to face (I presume there are disadvantages, even if connection is good, but not sure if these outweighs the benefits?)? I am not very experienced at using skype for "professional" purposes, so would need to practise the recording facilities etc. first, but what else do I need to consider?

Thanks for your help!
01-Oct-11, 13:25
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by dunni73
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posted about 9 years ago
I have used skype considerably for tutorials with my supervisors and have had no issues with it at all. However, one of my sups has had quite a fun time whenever we skype due to his camera not working properly etc. It would work well if the interviewee has a good set up of microphone and camera. If they are unfamiliar or don't have the facilities you may have to reject potential subjects purely through technological reasons.


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