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31-Dec-11, 11:32
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posted about 8 years ago
Hi All,

I was wondering whether any of you currently doing your research for your Masters degree are working in a kind of group, where each member of your group is working in the same general area of research, but has different research interests in that particular area. Have you experienced any issues with that?
17-Feb-15, 18:38
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi, I know that the post is quite old, but many other people is looking at it all the time. i'm doing a PhD in quite a big and diverse group. We have this idea about writing a blog, so more people can know what we really do and how PhD life looks (outside the lab).
We basically write about everything, days out, rising kids, conferences, some collaboration. We've started a few months ago, but there is always something to read about :)

Please visit our blog:


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