My viva, I passed!

17-Jan-12, 17:00
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Avatar for potatoes
posted about 8 years ago
Nice one! Thats one hurdle down.(up)
17-Jan-12, 17:03
by ady
Avatar for ady
posted about 8 years ago
and that's one star for you, Potatoes :-)
17-Jan-12, 17:08
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Avatar for Keenbean
posted about 8 years ago
Congrats Ady!! I still keep popping on here to keep up with the good news! Hope you're having a good old celebration! Best, KB
19-Jan-12, 18:13
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Avatar for Natassia
posted about 8 years ago
Sorry I've only just seen this - congratulations Dr. Ady and very well done, I'm so pleased for you! Looking forward to reading your viva story. I think you're a real inspiration as you have achieved this, when you seem to be so busy with your family as well.

Thanks for all the advice you've given me over the past few months as well, things seem to be looking up for me finally.

Natassia xx
23-Jan-12, 10:12
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by skig
Avatar for skig
posted about 8 years ago
Many congrats Ady! I knew you could do it(up)
24-Feb-12, 05:35
Avatar for cindrella
posted about 8 years ago
Congratulations, Dr. Ady :-) That's fantastic (up) (gift)
24-Feb-12, 12:25
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by hairui
Avatar for hairui
posted about 8 years ago
Three cheers for the champion! What next, and how did you celebrate? Well done, matey!
24-Feb-12, 13:46
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by mamara
Avatar for mamara
posted about 8 years ago
well done and welcome to the other club


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