In Korea.....a different sort of lectureship!! ^^

04-Jul-12, 19:34
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posted about 7 years ago
After being away from academia for a year teaching children in Korea, last week I was offered a job as a lecturer in English at a university here in Korea. I will be happy to be back in a university environment again..and even though my PhD was in history I think it will be a great challenge to teach and learn to teach English as a Foreign Language at a university ^^ yay!!

just a quick update as I used to be quite active back in the days of my PHD. I really took a beating trying to find an academic job and even though this job is just an annual contract in a totally different field, I am happy. It was a real chancer coming all the way here to Korea a year ago...and now I have a job at a university and a life here with friends and a boyfriend...and slowly learning Korean ^^ stick in there guys as there is life after the PhD...even if it is one you never expected!!!(up)
05-Jul-12, 11:53
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by DanB
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posted about 7 years ago
Hey Chrisrolinski, glad to see an "old timer" come back to say hello! And sounds great what you're doing - I really regret not going to teach English abroad between my undergrad and phd as I planned... Sounds like it has worked out really well for you!
05-Jul-12, 14:15
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posted about 7 years ago
Sounds fabulous! I admit I am scared of life after PhD, but it just goes to show, you never know in which direction life will take you! Well done you! I love finding out where people go, and what they do after graduation! (up)
06-Jul-12, 09:45
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posted about 7 years ago
Whoa, well done Chrisrolinski!!! Really pleased that you're having such an exciting time in a brand new culture. I'm such a dummy, I initially thought to myself 'but he hasn't mentioned whether he's in North or South Korea' - then it occurred to me. Make the most of your time there, mate, because who knows where this in turn will lead to?
06-Jul-12, 10:18
by Delta
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posted about 7 years ago
Quote From lindalou83:

I love finding out where people go, and what they do after graduation! (up)

I go to the dole, once every two weeks, and sign on :p
09-Jul-12, 11:16
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posted about 7 years ago
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Well done! I work in TEFL although my PhD (when/if I get it) is in something completely different. :p


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