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I was hoping to be in employment for the foreseeable future, but a job has fallen through. I would like to begin applying for both postdocs and lectureships, I have experience of the former (and have
secured interviews for both RA/postdoc positions), but have no experience of the

It seems incredibly tough looking for a job at the moment, I feel
completely bewildered having just completed my PhD, but not having anything
lined up work wise... I hope someone has some ideas to help :-(

Also, I seem to be good at getting my applications through the door to get an interview, but I
fall to pieces in the interview - I'm nearly in double figures for interviews now, with no job offers, so my confidence is very low.

I would like to find a way of improving my confidence, getting a job and working within my field, but I'm not yet sure where to start. A colleague is in a similar position with jobs, so we were thinking of collaborating for a grant...

Annie x
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Check out the link which gives great advice for graduates looking for a start in their career,

I hope it goes well.


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by Tracy
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posted about 7 years ago
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It is incredibly tough times to be finding a permanent job in academia. It depends on what your PhD was in, of course, but it wouldn't be unusual to be teaching part-time for over 3 years before you secure a full-time job. Keep rolling out the publications! The knock-backs haven't helped you one bit, but talking to your peers might help to restore confidence in your achievements...ask someone for a practice interview perhaps? Keep talking about what you've done, what you intend to do so that you feel comfortable and confident talking about all the things interviewers will want to know. These interview tips might help, many of the articles are written by academics who can empathise with your situation:

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Good luck!


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