Writing journal articles, copying and pasting from thesis?

24-Aug-12, 11:13
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by button 2 star member
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posted about 5 years ago
Is it okay to cut and paste some bits from my thesis to form a journal article? I don't mean just copy and paste a section and there's your journal article. I mean specific parts of my findings chapter can be made into a journal article, so can I just copy and paste that specific part into the findings section of my journal article, maybe taking a few bits out here and there to make it more concise? I hope I'm being clear. I don't know if this consitutes self-plagiarism, but if it does I don't understand how I can re-word specific parts of my thesis, and back them up with quotes from participants, without changing the argument.

My supervisor seems to think it's okay, but I just wondered what your thoughts are.
24-Aug-12, 12:06
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by skig 3 star member
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi Button,

I wouldn't do it word by word, a copy and paste job.

I'm pretty sure it's ok to write the same thing but you'd have to rephrase everything or it'd be self-plagiarism. Or at least, that's what my sups told me...
24-Aug-12, 12:14
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by button 2 star member
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi Skig,

Thanks for that, although it seems that it varies between disciplines etc. I've just had a look at the guidelines of the journals I'm approaching, and both say as an author I retain the rights to 'reuse' the article in a thesis, in whatever format I want. So it's covered from that angle.

Also, my uni stipulates nothing about self-plagiarism, although the general view seems to be that as long as I acknowledge that 'some parts of this thesis have been published in bla bla bla' then it should be fine, but I'll double check this anyway. Very confusing!
24-Aug-12, 16:03
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posted about 5 years ago
I've written stuff for journals and edited books which is also going into my thesis - as long as you acknowledge it, it's not a problem (I checked with my supervisor).
24-Aug-12, 18:05
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by tt_dan 1 star member
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posted about 5 years ago
Isn't the point that when you made a finding, you could publish it (quickly)? The thesis just acknowledges what you've found?

25-Aug-12, 22:09
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by sneaks 5 star member
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posted about 5 years ago
I went to a conference where they had a special panel of editors for journals (i.e. top top top american journals in my field). This question was asked and all 4 editors said its fine to do this, as its your work. But you can't plagiarise across journals articles i.e. if you write 2 articles based on the same 'problem' you have to make sure your intro/lit review is paraphrased and not exactly the same as your other article.
06-Sep-12, 08:37
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by CD
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi all,
There's a section about cutting and pasting in an article I have just written, as well as some other hopefully useful advice:
Hope this comes in handy!


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