Fellowships and Funding - Experienced Advice Please

05-Sep-12, 15:02
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I recently submitted my PhD and I have always had the intention of continuing with a post-doc on my research. My professor has always said that this is the route we would go and that he would apply for funding for me. However, he has also encourage me to look at funding opportunities myself. I am in the process of applying for a general fellowship and I wondered if any experienced post-doc could answer a couple of questions, please. This particular fellowship allows you to continue your own research based on your PhD. How would this involve my professor? Could I use my post-doc plans without him, outside of the university I have graduated from? Obviously, he would be 2nd author on all publications. Would he still be PI or would the institution take over that role, or would I be left to be independent? We are on good terms and he would be disappointed if I left him but the reality is, I need finance after self-funding my whole PhD. I have to consider all options as I know finance is tight out there.

Basically, are post-doc plans based on a PhD bound to the supervisor, can they have 'power' over what you do after the PhD with the PhD.
That is probably clearer!
11-Sep-12, 14:06
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