Really worried

16-Sep-12, 23:41
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posted about 8 years ago
My mum is in a really bad way with her health and has been given an urgent referral to see a hospital specialist. To be frank, I'm extremely worried because I think it's something very serious. My family have been keeping me informed, but I feel so helpless and like there's nothing I can do because I can't be there for her, being on the other side of the world.
I can't sleep, eat or anything because it's such a big worry. I don't really know anyone, so there's no-one I can discuss this with. I'm honestly tempted to just buy a plane ticket and go straight home - even though it would be extremely unprofessional. I just don't know what to do.
17-Sep-12, 02:13
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by Eska
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posted about 8 years ago
Hi Walminski, really sorry to hear your news about your mum. I'm sorry I can't advise you on this one... it is totally outside of my experience - but I have some understanding your dilema - I know how torturous it is to be away from a loved one who is very ill (at least I know how it feels to be in another city in the UK...). Can you get time off any time soon, will your family be up front if it gets really bad? Also there might be counselling at your uni so at least then you wold have someone you can confide in. You can PM me if you want.

p.s. I bet mum is having kittens about your great new career, so I'm sure you are doing enough, even though you are far away.
17-Sep-12, 05:49
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by Delta
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posted about 8 years ago
Hi Wally,

I hope you're OK. I was nowhere near that distance away but I had just started a good job (I was about a month in post), 300 miles away from home when my dad took a serious heart attack. Although my employers were great and I got home to see him, my dad made it clear he wanted me to return to work because it was a good job and one I'd worked hard to get. I did return to work, much to my employers surprise, and just devoted myself to work. The way I saw it, if I kept myself busy I'd have less time to dwell and it helped greatly. You have time on your hands and so you will think the worst but try to wait until you hear the outcome of the referral but perhaps prime your employers to see how they feel about you travelling home.

I very much feel for you but if you intend to stay in Australia you need to start trying to make friends and a life for yourself. People have their own lives and so you'll have to make the moves and it's not easy making new friends but you'll have to try. Join some sport clubs etc or organisations that represent your interests. 'Meet up' might be good. I like running, I'm not good at it but I like it, and so I've joined a running club. I sometimes have a coffee with people after the run and people are friendly. Work is work but to get through life you need other things including friends.

Feel free to contact me.

17-Sep-12, 05:52
by Delta
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posted about 8 years ago
I hope everything with you mum goes well and so fingers crossed...


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