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14-Oct-12, 15:17
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posted about 7 years ago
Hi all,
my name is sneha shukla. i am from nepal.i m here in uk in the university of northampton for my Msc.Public health.
i have doen my MBBS form bangladesh.
i would like you all to give me some suggestions regarding the topics for dissertation and how to prepare for it to get godd grades.....what do the Uk lecturers expect......for presentation and reseach work...........

your suggestions will be of great value to me.

waiting for replies..........:-)
14-Oct-12, 16:28
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posted about 7 years ago
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Hi Sneha

The people you should really talk to first are you course tutors. Every university will have its own requirements for dissertations, so you should check what they will be expecting.

The choice of topic may depend on what interests you, and what you intend to do afterwards. For example, if you want to do a research job that is analysis based then you might choose a different dissertation than if you intend to become a public health practitioner. For MSc dissertations, students will commonly analyse a dataset, conduct a systematic review, or evaluate some kind of public health intervention (if data are available).

It is unlikely you will have the opportunity to do any data collection for your dissertation, though if you have access to a dataset of interest you may be able to propose an analysis of that. Otherwise, your tutors may be able to provide you with a dataset.

Good luck choosing your topic.:-)
14-Oct-12, 16:50
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posted about 7 years ago
thank you hazyjane for the suggestion.what are doing right now?
19-Oct-12, 06:36
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posted about 7 years ago
welcome in uk . hope u r fine . all the best...
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