Would you help me in my research please :)

24-Oct-12, 21:15
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by aliah
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posted about 7 years ago

Hello everyone,
I have a researchas part of my MBA degree and I would like you to participate by filling aquestionnaire and send it to your friends pleeeease
I appreciate the time you ll spend in helping me completing this research
thank you in advance :)

29-Oct-12, 14:23
by Reenie
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posted about 7 years ago
Hi Aliah, I'd advise you to include some more information here... I've copied some info from your survey as it may encourage people to take part:

'I am an MBA student at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As part of my master’s degree program, I am writing my thesis about Apple App Store users.'

Good luck with your research!


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