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29-Oct-12, 16:19
by spuddy
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posted about 7 years ago

iv completed my MSc Health Psychology (am awaiting my results) in London and want to go on to study a PhD. to do that, i need a job. so i started job hunting and nothing is making sense! i havent received my results yet so im not a 'qualified' health psyt either. most jobs are for qualified persons (which im not really, yet) so i feel like im stuck in the net at the moment. iv looked into psychologist assistant posts but i dont see what else there is for me to do until i receive my result for MSc. any direction where i can job hunt in my position? any past experience advice?
01-Nov-12, 16:32
by Reenie
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posted about 7 years ago
*Bump* Does anyone have advice for Spuddy?
01-Nov-12, 17:06
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posted about 7 years ago
I'd just go ahead and apply for jobs that you will be qualified for when your result comes through. On your CV/application put something like 'Course complete, result pending' next to your MSc. Then employers can make you an offer conditional on the basis of passing your Masters. If you have any interim grades (e.g. from modules) you could stick them on there too.


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