My supervisor has been ignoring me for months

02-Feb-13, 00:16
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by ywan459
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posted about 7 years ago
It seems like an unsolvable systematic issue, unless the entire system is reformed, I suppose. I might be very wrong at this stage.
04-Feb-13, 08:56
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posted about 7 years ago
Did this get sorted out?

If not, I'd suggest 'blueeyedgirl' start looking for a new supervisor.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)
11-May-15, 16:54
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posted about 5 years ago

update around supervision issue. I've just read a book from Professor Delamont. S et al. . ' Supervising the Doctorate.' After the Tory, i've been talking to some phd students, some local and overseas. There are some phd students need to change 5 supervisors to relocate 5 different locations. Hope they're funded. But there are some with family without funding had problem to change supervisor and relocation unless they're teaching and guarantee had job after all these stuff. The authors mention 'phd supervison is like business not a emotional issue.' Students and family shouldn't be affect by not a good university with not good enough supervisors.

I've change my direction with another university with a mobile research department. But they accept people writing proposal and give out small grant and attend AGM conference, published small books or journals etc. for f-t or p-t for leisure purpose. Books can be sold if published. This is a good experience for early researchers and writers.

After 5 yrs.By the way, i do come back to the original university and contact with the new dean e-mail her opinion. She had no reply and pass it to the research office and told me to rewrite everything again myself without discuss with any tutor. I still very disappointed about this university and very bad research facilities in some point.
11-May-15, 17:14
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by Eds
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posted about 5 years ago
Is this your original thread???


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