latest Superman -- (tiny) review by Satchi

01-Jul-13, 16:24
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by satchi
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posted about 7 years ago
hi everyone,
phd- and job-searches aside, has anyone watched the new superman yet?
I was a bit disappointed.

First, the 3D effect wasn't spectacular. Next, the movie was too destructive. Also, the new Superman was not as attractive as I thought he would be. For what seemed an eternity, I got the impression that Superman was a confused but kind young man with a huge identity crisis, and lacking in direction.

Then there was the fighting, punching, even Superman was causing a lot of damage to public property. They were fighting in the city, flying and crashing around without thinking of the safety of all the people. So I thought that wasn't very nice.

General Zod could NOT be killed no matter what.

Too much time wasted on fighting with him.

Nice parts of the movie: superman's American mother, and kevin Costner as his dad.

Lastly, Lois Lane. I liked this Lois Lane! She agreed to go in the spaceship of General Zod and she was very brave but not very intelligent. See, she fell out of the sky, was picked up by Superman---and still couldn't even recognise him when he put on his glasses.

End of Movie.

I rate this 3 stars ***

ok now I go back to my phd :-)

love satchi
01-Jul-13, 17:13
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by wowzers
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posted about 7 years ago
Love this post. I saw it in 2D so the fight scenes were probably less distracting, although I agree it took up too much of the film. I loved how Scifi it was compared to others, a real visual treat. I found it very moving at times too, suprisingly. I liked how he seemed so conflicted and I think his identity issues are key to a good Superman character. I though he was very believable and I didn't find myself comparing to the original.

I'm hoping that his part in all the distruction is setting the scene for a showdown with Luthor in the sequel as you could see the Luthor Corp logo on things that were getting smashed up. Isn't that how it goes, that Luther gets the public to question if Superman is rally a good guy and I think Luthor would play on Supermans part in destroying the city, but we'll see.

I gave it 5 stars but then again, having kids, I've not seen a 'grown up' film at the cinema in over years! ha ha.
02-Jul-13, 05:26
by satchi
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posted about 7 years ago
is there going to be a sequel to this superman? I didn't know that :-)

love satchi


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