Allow me to introduce myself...

06-Oct-13, 10:42
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by Waggy
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posted about 7 years ago

I am new to the forum, and would like to introduce myself.

I am an Albertan in my 3rd year of my PhD in the UK. It will be nice to discuss PhD issues with fellow postgrad students :-)
Share successes, advice and when we are simply feeling low and like giving up.
07-Oct-13, 12:20
Avatar for metabanalysis
posted about 7 years ago
Hi Waggy. Welcome to the forum. The highs, the lows, the very lows, and the rock bottom, they are all to be found here!
09-Oct-13, 11:49
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posted about 7 years ago
Hi Waggy, nice to meet you. I have just started my PhD :). I find there is a lot to learn from the discussions on this forum, I agree it's nice to be able to share highs and lows with other postgrads who understand!



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