Please help me decide what to do next

09-Oct-13, 20:22
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Ok, thanks everyone.

Based on the feedback I've had from here, and from other post-graduate forums, my action plan is thus:

1. Wait for a response about this course at York: it looks like it may ease my mind about my research capabilities. If I become a graduate of both universities in York, I can at least be part of the both research cultures, and attending all research events could make getting on a PhD here more likely.

The email I sent to the Philosophy department at York makes my future ambitions clear, it reads:


My name is Laura Hyde, and I'm about to graduate from York St John with MA in Creative Writing. My long-term plan is to do a PhD in Post-modern Narratology. Before I commit to doctoral study, I would like to hone my research skills and make more informed progress with a potential PhD proposal. Would the Graduate Certificate in Philosophy course allow me to do this?

Also, if I were to study the diploma part-time, how often should I expect to attend?

Kind regards,

Laura Hyde'

2. If the course seems appropriate, apply, and hopefully be accepted.

Between now and September 2014, complete the new equivalent of PTLLS, which is the basic FE teaching qualification. If I could get CTLLS in as well, that would allow me to become an Associate Teacher at a college.

3. If I'm accepted on the Philosophy course, do it

4. Get a really polished PhD proposal down and see if I can find a supervisor, local if possible.

5. If that's not possible, I should have enough qualifications by then to get the required teaching hours for a FE teaching Diploma by volunteering at adult learning classes a community centre , and I can keep honing a PhD proposal at the same time.


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