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18-Feb-14, 09:28
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posted about 6 years ago
Hi everybody,
I' m currenty exploring my chances on getting a phd (funded one, that is) , from a european uni, preferably in germany , or UK. field business/economics/management with a strong preference in management/marketing
A bit about myself : got my bachelor degree in french language and literature (grade : good - 6.4/10... sorry I don't know the international equivalence) from national and kapodestrian university of philosophy(in athens, greece) and I m currently completing my MBA , in hellenic Open University . (degree as of may 2015)
I m on the third year right now, completing the courses just before starting my dissertation. Anyway, last year I got an academic excellence scholarship, being 1 of the 4 out of a total of approx.1200 students in the MBA program. (top 0,3% for acad. year 2013-2014) . The equivalent courses which got me the scholarship were financial management and accounting, plus management of people and organizations- HR/strategic management/marketing and the like) . My current courses are on advanced quant. analysis for managers and I m doing great so far- 2 essays ,both 10/10 , perfect score.
Problem is that the course I got on the first year (economics for managers) , didn't go as well as I hoped for, meaning that my final degree getting the mba will be lower than expected- and deserved I may add- best guess is I ll get 8 to 8,5 out of 10(and all because of my first "bad" year).
So, what are my chances? should I forget about it? How shall I proceed? I should tell you that my whole perspective is doing a phd to ultimately stay in academia.
Thank you in advance, any advice or thought on my "track" will be highly appreciated.
18-Feb-14, 11:46
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by wowzers
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posted about 6 years ago
I think the grade for your degree is equivalent to about a 2:2 in the UK and some Universities want higher than that, at least a 2:1. Your MBA sounds like you are going to get the equivalent to a Distinction in UK terms which is excellent (of course this depends on the grade for your dissertation). If you get a first for the MBA even though you have a 2:2 undergraduate score you might still have a chance. I would say the best thing is to approach universities you want to study at and see what grades they are looking for. Their admissions department should be able to tell you if your grades are equivalent to what they are looking for. Sometimes it's not about the grades it's about the strength of the research proposal that you write and if the university department has someone that can supervise you. I know someone who got a scholarship at a top UK University with a merit at Masters level. Good luck :D
18-Feb-14, 13:41
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posted about 6 years ago
Welcome to the UK Elena!


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