Being a Mech Engg graduate, for my profile, can I try Germany or US for pursuing my Masters?

12-Jun-14, 04:24
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posted about 6 years ago
I am an Indian, trying for Masters in Mechanical/Automobile Engg. for FALL 2015 or after that.

10th Grade: 80%
12th Grade: 70%
B.E., Mechanical Engineering CGPA: 7.5 (Upto Fifth Semester)
Anna University Chennai
Language: Only English
Doesn't know German Language

Exam to be taken: GRE & IELTS expecting above 315 & 7.0 respectively.

Have not submitted any International Journals / Research Papers and has not attended any Internships.
Has done good Social Activities and good Leadership Activities and has submitted business plans and presented papers national level.
Has done In-plant training's.
Will do a project in an automobile company.

So, Now what should i do to try for Germany. Because, That is my first preference. Also, should my profile need some more in it? I can try for that from now.
I also wish, If i apply for German University soon after taking my GRE and if i get approved in one university. I can go for German Language Classes and soon do the German Language Test. So, Is there possibility to get approved and then study German Language before joining the University?
Kindly help me with this. If there is any possibility for me to get into good German University. I wish to try for that first. Because, Here they make me to choose USA but still i wish Germany also because of the Cost of education.

12-Jun-14, 09:06
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posted about 6 years ago
Hello Antony!

A good starting point for international students who want to pursue a degree in Germany is the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which also offers advice on scholarships, visa and the like:
Quite a few universities in Germany now actually offer English-language courses, which may be a better option. Besides passing an initial language test, you would have to follow the actual lectures in German - and German is no easy language to learn.

There is not such a big difference in quality between the public universities in Germany, which are generally at a comparable level. However, note that there are two types of post-secondary academic institutions: Universitäten (universities) and Fachhochschulen (FH, usually translated as "universities of applied science"). The latter are usually less research-oriented, and their degrees are generally considered inferior to university degrees in Germany, although the distinction is often not made internationally. E.g., it is difficult to pursue a PhD with a Master's from a Fachhochschule in Germany, but usually no big problem elsewhere.

Generally, extracurricular activities and publications are no important criteria for admission to German universities at the Master's level. The formal recognition of your high school and Bachelor degrees, and the associated grades, is what counts.

Note that the cost of living is high in the big popular university cities (e.g., München, Hamburg, Berlin, Heidelberg, Tübingen). They are often significantly lower in the less popular / smaller places, but obviously at the price of having fewer (international) students around.
12-Jun-14, 09:10
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posted about 6 years ago
I just couldn't help checking - the DAAD's search engine actually lists 237 (!) English-language Master programs in mechanical engineering in Germany. So you should have quite a choice :-)
12-Jun-14, 12:08
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by datura
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posted about 6 years ago
I agree, have a look around for English programs. I would advise you against choosing a German-taught degree in your situation. Even if you take language courses and meet the formal requirements it can often be difficult to follow (even if you understand it all, it will take you longer to process it, understand, take notes,...). You will progress better in your studies with an English program.
You could then still take a German course for everyday life and to communicate better with your teachers. Almost all universities have a language-learning center that offers affordable, or sometimes free, courses for students.

Your profile looks okay. As Walter said, papers and other activities are not expected of undergrads planning to start a master's. The most important part is how well you did in your bachelor's and if it is comparable (by that I mean similar workload and amount of classes, and completed with a thesis project). The project in an automobile company will be your thesis for the undergrad degree, I assume?

An additional word about Uni vs FH. Walter already explained the difference, but do not be discouraged by the "inferior" because that is mostly an academic perception. And it does not mean that these studies are easier or have lower requirements. Generally, you could say that FH degrees are more industry-oriented. If you would like to do a PhD/do research, a university is better, but if you plan to work in the automobile industry, FH works just as well. Especially if they have connections with companies and work placements integrated in the studies.


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