First meeting with supervisors

06-Jul-14, 09:36
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posted about 6 years ago
Hi, just wondering if you could give me some advise about my first PhD meeting. I have been asked for a 6 page proposal and to give a short presentation on this. How long would this presentation usually be expected t last? Should it be formal like a conference paper or more relaxed? Any hints gratefully received!! Thanks
06-Jul-14, 11:28
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posted about 6 years ago
i am also new to PhD. however you must be prepared formally.
06-Jul-14, 13:18
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by CR1980
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posted about 6 years ago
I would go for 10 minutes myself. Then they can ask questions if they want more detail. My supervisors have never asked for anything as formal, but they wouldn't want to listen to a long presentation!

Make sure you cover all the key points, e.g. key authors, methods, ideas, timeline, and whatever else is relevant. Basically show you have given things thought, even if it is a guess at the moment, it shows you have grasped the importance of planning.
06-Jul-14, 14:18
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posted about 6 years ago
Thanks for your replies and useful advice. I was a bit taken aback when they asked for a presentation at my first meeting but guess I may just get prepared to up my game!
06-Jul-14, 16:29
by Fled
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posted about 6 years ago
Yeah I had to do something similar, but not nearly so formal. Just remember the most important thing. Your research will look quite different a year from now once your lit review is done. Heck a week from now if will look different (unless you are part of a funded project based PhD).

Personally, I suspect supervisors do this you see us clumsily cobble together our "Lego blocks of ideas" just to knock them over, and help us build something sensible.
06-Jul-14, 16:57
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posted about 6 years ago
You could also ask them how long they think it should be and what to cover etc, or ask other PhD students if that's easier.
06-Jul-14, 19:38
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posted about 6 years ago
It is quite normal to ask for a presentation, as it is easier than reading pages and pages of beginners' reports. Your supervisor is most likely a busy individual that tries to manage people, supervise a few students, bring money in, write research proposals, teach, mark, and spend time with their lovely family.

Also keep in mind that people lose their attention span after 15 to 20 minutes. Try to keep it short, and to the point without waffling around.
In the first slide start with the introduction (why is your topic important/ background).
Move to the aims and objectives. (3-4 bullet points)
Summarise the literature/ identify gaps.
Propose a methodology.
Think where you will find participants/ fieldwork
Present a time schedule/ publications/ conference papers you plan to produce.

Of course it is very early on, so you might not be able to answer all the above questions... just try to keep a very clear structure, and don't add more that 5 bullet points per slide.

I am sure you will be fine. It is an informal meeting that you just get to know each other. All the above will keep evolving every month.
06-Jul-14, 22:26
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posted about 6 years ago
Thanks everyone, you've been really helpful. I'll keep in mind your advice Dr Jeckyll, thanks it's given me some ideas as to how to get started.


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