Final hurdle.. can I do it?

12-Sep-14, 21:17
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posted about 6 years ago
Hi guys - I'm doing a PhD in Literature, just at the end of my 4th year. I had 8 months during my second year without supervision which set me back a lot time-wise. I got a funding extension for the full 4th year because of the supervisory problems and moved back home to really concentrate on writing up.

Things were starting to come together work-wise and then 2014 just brought a series of bereavements that I struggled with and I spent the bulk of the year just kind of living life instead of working thoroughly on the phd. Now it's the end of my 4th year and while I definitely do feel like I'm back "to myself" again (whatever that is), it feels like this Phd will never end.

Uni have been understanding and my fees have been waived until the end of January. Right now I'm currently re-writing my Chapter 1, have Chapter 2 almost complete and 3, 4 and 5 planned out. It took me a long time to get comfortable in the Phd and I read my Chapter 1 and I know I'm writing the best I ever have. This chapter is very strong and it's good. I will have Chps 1 & 2 done by mid-Oct, leaving:

Chapter 3: 18k
Chapter 4: 10k
Chapter 5: 10k

My question is, is it beyond the realms of possibility to have these last three chapters written up by the end of December? They are all planned out, I know what I have to say. I just feel like I'm writing so slowly.

I would like to hear "been there, done that" stories. Three months to write approx 40k. Can I do it? Motivational tips are much appreciated. I work two days a week in an office job and the rest is Phd. I don't have a social life anymore. But I spent way too long labouring on sentences.

Thanks guys :-)
14-Sep-14, 07:51
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posted about 6 years ago
Hi Starsgoblue

I was in the same situation as you are. I managed to finish in 4 years and 4 months (including leave of absences). I was in poor health for a few months.

A coursemate who started 10 months later than me, finished 4 months earlier :D

I suppose you just have to bite the bullet and stick to it until the end. Maybe what you can do is divide the number of words you have to write (40K) with the number of months you have left ? So that will give you 10K words (plus minus) to write each month.

All the best; I am living proof of a slow writer !


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