Already have a PhD for next year but struggling with my current MA course!! Self doubt

29-Jan-15, 11:41
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posted about 4 years ago
I have been offered a PhD for next year, but I'm struggling so much with my Masters degree in Sociology this year!
Although I recieved a First during my undergrad in Sociology as well, there is one module which I'm not performing as well as and this is the Research Process. This Is not only worth 40 credits but it's so important for my undertaking for a PhD next year! Ranging from epistemology to using SPSS and NVivo I can't seem to get to grips with this module! And I've only been able to scrap a Pass in the assignments with 2 C's and 2 C-'s. But im doing very well at my other assignments with Mostly getting A-'s and B+,s and B-'s!! I hate that I'm not doing as well in this module
I feel so disenhearted and wondering whether or not I have what it takes to complete a PhD! Because I will need to use these learning tools for my thesis!!
Is this normal at this level? And is my standard of work at MA level a reflection of what my PhD might be?

I need some motivation and some encouragement :(

29-Jan-15, 18:12
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by satchi
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posted about 4 years ago
hi academicadam47
your post today is similar to the first one you posted recently "accepted for a phd...."

From what I understand, your post today says that the Research Process module is getting you down. But you are doing extremely well for other assignments!

It feels to me that you are disappointed because you haven't been able to get an A for Research Process, you are a Perfectionist and you dislike not having everything right.

Learning research does take a lot of effort to understand and to apply what you learn. Because you haven't actually fully applied your research methodologies makes it more difficult to master them. Don't worry.

Just because you don't know Research Process like the back of your hand, doesn't mean you won't master it later.

Why don't you just relax and enjoy the rest of your MA? You have a PhD studentship waiting for you. Why don't you look forward to that instead of moaning about this module?

I promise you that you will eventually learn research methodologies, once you start your phd, you will love it. Don't worry be happy

love satchi


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